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init.d script woes

I decided to do some house cleaning and close some bugs tonight....
I ran into a bit of a stumper on bug #26021 for xfstt.

The bug arises due to a slight oversite on my part (I wrote the pid file
making/removing code...which the upstream author happily accepted). There is
one case where xfstt will exit BEFORE its main loop and after the pid file is 

This is a problem because since xfstt is a deamon by its nature, it generally
only dies by a signal...so the code to remove the pid file was in a signal

The rest of the bug is a init.d script problem...the script was something I
concoted to do the job...however is lacking. I am cinsidering switching to 
start-stop-deamon but I have a few problems...

Here are the important issues...
xfstt fork()s to service clients (xservers generally). Thi sallows it to
service multiple connections. The original parent xfstt can be killed
and restarted painlessly without effecting the children who are
currently serving connections.

This IS important. The reason is simple. Many Xservers (I kno wmine does) 
die miserably when fontpaths unexpectedly dissapear. Just start x
and killall xfstt. ...
Most Xservers which I have tried will crash the very next time they try to 
acess the fontpath. 

So thus here is the problem:
I would like the init.d script to PROPERLY check that a pid file
already exists and is a VALID pid file (ala start-stop-deamon)
but I DO NOT want it killing all the xfstt "children" or refusing to
start because of those children

any ideas?


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