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Re: TCPQuota Depends:

James LewisMoss <dres@ioa.com> wrote:

> >>>>> On 29 Aug 1998 13:48:32 -0700, Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@tripnet.se> said:
>  Turbo> [1 <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>] I have this line:
>  Turbo> Depends: perl, libdbi-perl, libnet-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl |
>  Turbo> libdbd-msql-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl | msql, mysql-base |
>  Turbo> libdbd-msql-perl, mysql-base | msql
>  Turbo> That does not seem to work, it installed even though
>  Turbo> libdbi-{msql,mysql}-perl was not installed...
>  Turbo> To clarify what it should depend on:
>  Turbo>   perl libdbi-perl libnet-perl libdbd-mysql-perl OR
>  Turbo>   libdbd-msql-perl mysql-base OR msql
>  Turbo> (and if we have 'libdbd-mysql-perl', we also MUST have
>  Turbo> 'mysql-base', and
>  Turbo>  if we have 'libdbd-msql-perl', we MUST have 'msql').
> Well looking at the dependencies of libdbd-mysql-perl it depends on
> mysql-base, so it will be installed if libdbd-mysql-perl is installed
> (assuming no funny business from the machine's operator).

Yes, but since I use the client, I have to depend on mysql-base (because
'libdbd-mysql-perl' might get changed depends of it's own... It's in the
policy somewhere...)

> Does your package actually depend on mysql-base or msql?  Or does it
> just want libdbd-* to have what it needs?  If the later I'd say just
> remove the depends lines and just have libdbd-my* | libdbd-ms*.  If
> the former this looks like it should work.  (But I guess it doesn't.
> hmmmm) (Maybe the depends parser in dselect got confused)

I don't know, you tell me (the Depends line is above... It doesn't seem
to work as I was told it should...)

> I assume the line you sent you your email was formatted differently
> (i.e. space at the begining or all one long line).

All one long line

> What I'd do is just depend on perl, libdbi-perl, libnet-perl,
> libdbd-mysql-perl | libdbd-msql-perl, mysql-base | msql and depend on
> the libdbd* packages making sure they have what they need installed.

The thing is, I can use 'libdbd-msql-perl and msql' OR 'libdbd-mysql-perl and
mysql-base', but if libdbd-msql-perl is installed it HAVE to have msql
installed, and if libdbd-mysql-perl is installed, requires mysql-base...

I'll try your line, and see if it works... Thanx...

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