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X Windows Window Manager Colors

In X, I am running fvwm2, but I don't have my card and monitor quite
synced up right. I have a new Trident 9685 Video Card with 4MB RAM, a
24-bit Truecolor RAMDAC, with optional TV output in composite or S-VHS.

The problem I'm having, beyond getting the monitor and card tweaked,
is that my background colors and my border colors start up black.
Since xterm starts with a black background, too, I can hardly see
around my desktop.

I tried to work around it by using the xsetbg client to draw a bright
picture onto my background. This helped somewhat, allowing me to see
my icons and where the windows were. I also used xcolorsel to make my
xterm have a white on grey appearence. As I was sifting through my
pictures for something with a bright background, using the display
client, I noticed that the background and window borders would both
change to the palette color zero on my gif or jpeg image that the
display client would load. I hope this quirk helps narrow my problem.

My thought is that maybe I accidently blew away a necessary .xfile,
but if that's not the case, is there a file I can create/edit that
will alter my color properties in X?


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