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Re: What to do with old bugs and package versions?

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998, Stig Sandbeck Mathisen wrote:

> Hello.
> I just uploaded the "norwegian" package, as well as inorwegian and wnoregian
> created from them.
> Problems are:
> * The old "wnorwegian" package has a number of bugs.  I should perhaps close
>   these.
> * What about the version number of the norwegian, inorwegian and wnorwegian
>   packages? What should be done about them?  Should I just start anew with
>   veresion 1.0-1, or should I continue with whatever version number from the
>   old packages?  These are based upon a new source, and does not keep anything
>   from the old package othere than the name.

Completely new source?  In that case, dump the old version numbers
completely.  Does the new (upstream) source have a version number?  If so,
use that, possibily using epochs so that inorwegian and wnorwegian are
still 'newer' than the old ones...


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