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Re: Definition: "Gold CD"

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, jason and jill wrote:

> Don't go there, man.  Audiophiles are not scientists, they are a religious
> cult.  They think you can change a CD's sound by using green or blue magic
> marker on the rim of the CD to cut down on light being refracted through
> the CD.  (Someone even got the idea "hey, if blue magic marker works then
> having a blue light in the inside of the player should work as well and
> that way people won't have to magic marker each CD individuall" and the
> idiots go out and buy players with blue lights in them.  Oh, and gluing
> little metal poker chips to the fronts of speakers makes them sound
> better.)  And... Utter nuts, and they believe that anyone that says "what
> the fuck???????" on being told this is a reactionary.

Damned lies.

Everybody knows that to improve the sound of a CD immensely, one only
needs to put it overnight in the refrigerator.

It is also rumored that doing the same to a gold hamm cdrom makes all the
binaries in the packages on the cd run 10% faster!  Please don't spread
this rumor though ;-)



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