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Re: Definition: "Gold CD"

> > Actually, there are Gold CDs.  If you look in Sterophile magazine there
> > are companies that sell pressed Gold CDs.  Basically the aluminum middle
> > layer is plated in gold.  Suposidately the gold coating makes a difference
> > in the sound.
> It cannot possibly, since the sound is digital.  Unless you are
> reading it incorrectly -- audio CDs have no error checking.  However,
> this almost never happens and if it does it would not be noticeable
> anyway.

Don't go there, man.  Audiophiles are not scientists, they are a religious
cult.  They think you can change a CD's sound by using green or blue magic
marker on the rim of the CD to cut down on light being refracted through
the CD.  (Someone even got the idea "hey, if blue magic marker works then
having a blue light in the inside of the player should work as well and
that way people won't have to magic marker each CD individuall" and the
idiots go out and buy players with blue lights in them.  Oh, and gluing
little metal poker chips to the fronts of speakers makes them sound
better.)  And... Utter nuts, and they believe that anyone that says "what
the fuck???????" on being told this is a reactionary.

Oh well, enough abuse of the list for one day. :)


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