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Re: config file handling

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:
> I do not know where to tell the app to look.  However I do not feel that
> the gtkrc qualifies as a conf file.  The app runs fine w/o it.  All a
> gtkrc file does is change the color and pixmap used for appearance.  I
> think /usr/share is fine here.  The FHS (which we are moving towards)
> puts many things that could go to /etc in /usr/share.  And I like it (-:

Whether or not an application runs *without* a file is not any sort of
criteria for whether it is a conffile.  Rather, conffiles are files
which are considered modifyiable by the sysadmin under *normal*
circumstances, and in which you would like these local changes to be
preserved across upgrades.

That's the crucial thing to understand.  If the file is not recognized
as a conffile by dpkg, then local changes will *not* be preserved
across updates of the package.  If this is a bad state of affairs,
then the file should be in /etc and marked as a conffile.

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