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Re: Definition: "Gold CD"

Actually, there are Gold CDs.  If you look in Sterophile magazine there
are companies that sell pressed Gold CDs.  Basically the aluminum middle
layer is plated in gold.  Suposidately the gold coating makes a difference
in the sound.

On 26-Jun-98  in Re: Definition: "Gold CD" Marcelo E. Magallon  wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 26, 1998 at 12:57:19PM +0200, Florian Hinzmann wrote:
>> What does "Gold CD" mean?
>> It isn't the color of the CD I think .. ;)
> It's in fact the color... no kidding!
> Have you seen the media used by CD writers? It's gold. Well, not really
> gold, but a compound. In fact, right now, I'm holding one of the few
> truly
> gold CD's I've seen in a long time. Now they are made of something else
> (funny names like "cyannide<sp> something", "something I can't event
> pronounce", and "something else that starts with an 'f'" ;-). The cover
> surface is still gold in color... btw, if somebody hands you a "blue" cd
> --
> really blue, not greenish -- start screaming and run like if hell has
> just
> been set loose... those are made of some organic compound which degrades
> greatly over time, specially if exposed to direct sun light (e.g., when
> you
> leave the cd on the desk by the window during summer). At least, that's
> my
> experience. There are some gold-green, green-blue, dark-shiny-green, ...
> The other option is "platinum"/"silver" CD's. Those are the kind that
> are
> used for mass production, but the material is not "soft" enough to be
> burned
> using a cd writer.
> Why do ppl emphasize the cd's are gold? Because that means they are not
> mass-produced, so they are more expensive than silver cd's. Dwarf used
> to
> sell Debian Gold CD's for about $30, if I recall correctly. That's a
> fair
> price taking into account: a) the media costs less than $3 by the
> hunderds
> (somebody on #debian said he got blank cd's for 50 cents, I want to know
> where and how) b) it takes time to prepare the cd c) it takes time to
> burn
> the cd d) one can't burn more than a few per hour e) the burner doesn't
> come
> for free with the computer ;-) ... Don't you love free market economy?
> In Hamburg there are some quite excellent material science physicists,
> whom
> I'm sure will be delighted to answer these kind of questions in
> detail...
> (material science people tend to be chatty, I-don't-know-why...)
>                                       Marcelo

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