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fpc - best way to package?

I've been toying with how I might best package Free Pascal for Debian.  So
far as I can tell, the upstream package does a fair job at putting files in
their proper places, but the distribution is going to make it a little crazy
to package.  fpc is distributed in the file fpc-0.99.5.ELF.tar which


Note that the sources are in Pascal, not in C.  This compiler will compile
itself and was probably built initially with gpc or p2c.  The DOS version
was probably originally built with Borland's compiler.

It seems what might be the best way to package this thing based on the
install.sh (attached) is to run it and install everything under the temp
directory, then package the results into fpc-bin, fpc-doc, fpc-source, etc.

The compiler (ppc386) is static linked, probably with libc5.

Any thoughts as to how I might go about building a package out of this? 
Nobody really likes p2c. While gpc may support Borland syntax, it does not
have Borland units.  fpc has units which provide most of the functions of
the Borland code.

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