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help - deb-make/build

Hi!   I am working on a package called 'heyu' for X-10 control.  I am
trying to follow The New-Maintainer's Debian Packaging Howto and Creating a
Package using Debmake files, but they refer to things that aren't happening
on my system. :(

I had it built into a .deb file fine with deb-make under 1.3.  (It was
fairly straightforward and easy, with only the destination directory
changes to the makefile, then running the 'build' script).  I then
registered to be a developer, and upgraded to hamm.  [not sure which event
caused the problem I am having now].

After upgrading to hamm, the deb-make script isn't creating the 'build'
script.  When using dpkg-buildpackage in the source directory instead
(after running deb-make), it makes everything, but it doesn't create the
debian/tmp/usr/man* directories, so it dies when it tries to copy the man
pages. [it does create the usr/bin directory and puts the binary into it]

The other issue: With 1.3 the compile went fine.  After the upgrade, the
#ifdef LINUX line in one of the source files seems to be ignored now
(doesn't get the right includes, won't build).  What is the proper way to
work around this?  (I read something about #ifdef DEBIAN, but that didn't
seem to help, either).  I currently removed the #ifdef LINUX construct just
to get it to build correctly (which is a tad sloppy, but it seems to work).

Do the /usr/man* entries need to be included in 'files' in the debian
directory, or am I doing something way wrong?  (or, is deb-make supposed to
make the 'build' script anymore?)

Thanks in advance!

Troy Hanson

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