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Re: updates to upstream packages

On 16 Jun 1998, James Troup wrote:

> dpkg-source handles (non-binary) inclusions fine; see 3.3 of the
> packaging manual.

This explains why dpkg did not complain when I added manpages.  The file
I'm trying to include is a binary file (of sorts - it's an extra version
of the Sangoma firmware).

> > Should I upload a new .orig.tar.gz file?
> You don't need to, you can just the -sa option to dpkg-buildpackage
> whenever you change the .orig.tar.gz.  However as to whether a new
> version number is appropriate, I have no idea.

Put another way:  "Am I going to mess up any of the automated scripts
processing the archive if I make changes to the .orig.tar.gz without
giving it a new name?" 

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