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Re: New Package - heyu, need guidance

Troy Hanson <troy@dakota.net> writes:
> Questions:  I have PGP and keys (one is 5.0, the other is 2.6.3).  I am
> wondering which PGP key to use. My second question is how do I find out
> who to contact to get an account at master.debian.org.

The procedure is detailed in chapter 1 of the Developer's Reference.
Something seems to have happened to the HTML version, but I just
checked the text version on my system and it appears to be intact.
Therefore, you should install the 'developers-reference' package and
look at /usr/doc/developers-reference/developers-reference.text.gz...
everything you need to know is right near the beginning.

I would guess you should probably use the 2.6.3 key.  It doesn't
appear to be specifically required anywhere, but for the sake of
backward compatibility it is probably best.  Once you receive your
account, you might also want to add a whatever@debian.org user ID to
your key so that you can use that address in your packages.


Rob Tillotson  N9MTB			Internet: rob@io.com

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