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Re: post-upload procedures/transition from unstable to stable

On Fri, Jun 12, 1998 at 10:00:59AM -0400, tmancill wrote:
> I've RTFM and don't really find reference to what happens after a package
> upload and the announcement email.  Partly, I'm just interested in what
> happens, but I'd also like to know about the process of getting a package
> into stable.  (The 2 packages I've adopted were both in "unstable".)

Well once you upload the package (assuming it is going into unstable) AFAIK
it sits in incoming until it gets moved into unstable and becomes part of
debain unstable (that is of course unless something causes it not to be 
accpted but generally for unstable that shouldn't be a problem)

As for stable...you can upload into stable instead of unstable. If you do this
it will sit in incomming until it gets rejected...which never gets it actually 
into stable.

AFAIK the ONLY time you can upload into stable and have it go in is if it
is basically a crittical fix (ie it closes a security hole)

The proper way to get your packages into "Stable" is to upload into unstable.
Work on them..upload.. then evenrtually Stable becomes frozen...then your 
packages are in frozen instead of unstable. Then wait as little while longer 
and (barring major problems that have to be fixed) frozen eventually becomes 

And through this progression your packages go into stable :)
of course this is all just how I understand it.
so to sumerise my understanding:
1) all NEW packages AND new versions, fixes, etc of packages go into unstable 
by default.
2) ONLY security fixes and other MAJOR fixes (ie fixing bugs that may cause 
major filesystem corruption etc) go into stable
3) Going into frozen is similar to stable but less strict, it is allowed to 
fix less major bugs...but still no new versions  or new packages 

as for specifics of "what goes on" thats about all the detail I have
does that make sense?  did I miss the question entirely?


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