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Re: changes to packaging tools between bo and hamm

On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 06:47:37PM -0400, tmancill wrote:

> When I build the same package on my hamm machine, it quickly indicates
> that there is no PGP key-pair for <tmancill@debian.org> (indeed, there is
> not) and errors out.  When I force the maintainer to be
> tmancill@us.lhsgroup.com using the "-m" switch, the email address in the
> .changes file is changed to the value of the -m switch.  I would prefer to
> keep the maintainer address as my Debian address. 
> Am I missing something in my environment on my hamm system?  Should I
> generate a tmancill@debian.org keypair?

I'd suppose you add that ID to your normal key instead of creating
a new one.  This can be done with pgp -ke.

You could also try to set your id with -m "tmancill@us.lhsgroup.com
(Tony Mancill)" to dpkg-buildpackage.  I'm not sure if that works,
it's just an idea.



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