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Re: Bug #23053

Sorry James... I didn't mean to create misunderstanding. 

I think I meant gdbm. It's deprecated? Is there something faster for doing the 
kinds of modifications to the user db that are typically needed, in a fast way?

I see that you're against non-ascii for these databases, but I'm primarily 
concerned with speed for things like adding an existing user to a group having 
a fairly large population of members, among other groups in the database also 
having large populations. (By 'large', I don't mean anything larger than 100 
members in a single group, nor smaller than 15, at least for the moment.)

I'll probably create a perl program for doing mass updates of students into 
classes (in unix-ese: users into secondary groups)... but this would involve 
direct tinkering with the group db in perl... so release of it as a package 
might be out of the question :)


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