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uploading packages


I made a  new version of the xinetd package (xinetd2.2.1-4.deb), but I am
having dificulty locating the guidelines for uploading new packages.  I have
created a changes file, but I noticed that the changes files in Incoming on
master.debian.org also have some extra fields including the description
architecture, md5 sums and such.  Where is the format of this file
described, and where is the upload policy described? (ie. other files that I
might need to upload).  I dont think I need to upload the source, as it has
not changed since the initial release of 2.2.1.

Btw, the package I made is available on www.debian.org/~nveber, I would
appreciate it if someone could take a look at it before it is released to
make sure I didnt screw something up.. The list of things I changed since
the previous release can be found in /usr/doc/xinetd/changelog.Debian.gz.


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