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Re: new .orig.tar.gz uploading - how??

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
|	I have no idea how build works. Useing dpkg-buildpackage, you
| can arrange to have the sources included in the new upload by saying 
| % dpkg-buildpackage -sa -rfakeroot (or -rsudo or what have you)
|	Then the changes file so generated shall have the (NEW)
| orig.tar.gz file.

Thanks.  Will try that now.  Can I just run "dupload" on the new
changes file?  It looks like Incoming is blocked and that dupload
thinks that it should only upload the .orig.tar.gz file.

Just to make sure - as far as I understand, there was an "old" way to
package upstream source as plain .tar.gz?  That's the way it is now on
master with debian revision 1.1.  The "NEW" way is .orig.tar.gz which
extracts to package-version-orig?



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