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Newbie Alert

I hope I have the right area, my problem is thta I cannot seem to get Lilo to work with Win95 and Debian. Here's my setup;
3.2 gig Quantum with 2-1.6 gig partions (one fow Win95 and one for games) these take up drive letters C,D
1.6 gig Quantum which I use fully for Linux-Debian which is drive E

Now when I installed Debian and asked it to make my drive E drive bootable (hdb1) it says it cannot boot from a secondary hard drive (or something to that effect) and that I would need to use a boot floopy. Is there a way to configure it so I can use Lilo as my boot manager and boot into either Win 95 or Debian (or do you all prefer just Linux). I tried it myself and wound up messing up my MBR on my Drive C:, I was able to boot into Debian fine but Win95 was gone (the drive was invalid). I tried the Fdisk /MBR switches from a dos disk but no luck, luckily I had a Ghost image on my system (god I love Ghost).

Thanks for any help

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