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Re: conventions for packaging.

Anand Kumria wrote:
> - should it be installed in /usr/sbin (it is a set-uid network diag
> program)

Probably, I'm not 100% sure.

> - is the man page regarded as architecture independant?

Well, it is architecture independant, but we don't split out seperate
packages for things like a single man page, so the man page is part of the
larger, architecture dependant package, mtr.
> I am using deb-make and it picks the architecture as Any; the package that
> I am replacing also contains this. I should set this to i386, riht?

No. "any" is the correct value. It will be changed to i386 in the package
once it is built on a given architecture. If you set it to i386 by hand,
you're saying that it ONLY builds on i386.
> Also what is the best place to put this kind of program? Apps/System,
> Apps/Network or Apps/Misc?

Apps/Network, however, mtr doesn't work unless you pass it a parameter on
the command line, telling it where to traceroute too, so it doesn't really
belong on the menus at all.

see shy jo

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