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Re: Could someone please check my packages?

On Thu, Feb 12, 1998 at 04:31:51PM +0100, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> if I get a quick connection to it). If you take a look at vrwave
> (Java-based) it depends on "jdk-shared | jdk-static". But, alas, those are
> the name of JDK 1.0.2 (stable) packages, JDK 1.1 packages aren't named
> that way. Is there any way I can say that it depends on jdk (just as
> sometimes you use depends: mail-reader...).
> 	I also say that "Provides: vrml-browser"... is this correct, i.e.
> can I just make up any tags like that? (I suppose not) Whom I must ask?
For all these virtual package names there is a procedure to create them. As
far as I can remember you should tell the need for them in debian-policy as
the first step. You might want to check with the jdk maintainer regarding a
virtual package name for jdk.

I am also a wet-behind-the-ears[*] maintainer, the gurus will correct me if
I lapsed.

[*] I like this expression, what does it actually mean?

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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