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Could someone please check my packages?

	I'm a wet-behind-the-ears Debian developer and just received my
account on master, I'm currently listed as maintaing vrweb and vrwave.
They are VRML browsers (1.0 and 2.0) which are distributed alongside with
source code (C++ and Java).
	I would like someone to check my packages since I have only have
the opportunity to check them in few environments. They are available at


	I have some concerns before uploading these into master (when and
if I get a quick connection to it). If you take a look at vrwave
(Java-based) it depends on "jdk-shared | jdk-static". But, alas, those are
the name of JDK 1.0.2 (stable) packages, JDK 1.1 packages aren't named
that way. Is there any way I can say that it depends on jdk (just as
sometimes you use depends: mail-reader...).
	I also say that "Provides: vrml-browser"... is this correct, i.e.
can I just make up any tags like that? (I suppose not) Whom I must ask?

	Well, I hope anybody can help me get this things up and looking
good so I can upload them to master ASAP. (vrweb is currently orphaned,
vrwave is new to Debian)



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