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Re: adduser necessary ?

> Hi all,
> I've got a question regarding to majordomo which I am right packaging.
> majordomo got Debian-allocated uid and gid, is it necessary for postinst to

If you depend on the right version of base-passwd you can be *fairly*
sure that majordomo exists with right uid and gid

> check if user and group exist ? If they exist, but with wrong ids, what to
> do ? The majordomo-wrapper only runs with precompiled ids.

Check and complain if wrong, in this case, IMHO you can trust user to
know what the issue is. User may even be able to correct it in another
process/vc and say 'yes, try again'

> The question is: can I rely on base-passwd to have the correct settings in
> /etc/passwd and /etc/group or do I have to do some paranoia checks ?

It always pays to be paranoid, since user *has right* to edit config files

> Any hint would be appreciated.

If you can suspect something and checking is not overly complex then
check it.


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