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> To be precise: pique is packaged - just needs an autopkgtest.
> I once started with it but deactivated it by renaming
>    debian/tests/control to _control_
> I do not remember what might have been the problem ...

Yes, this is the case. When I was looking at setting up autopkgtest, the built-in test wanted to download very large data sets (several GB). Nilesh and I discussed this and the topic has come up before.
Using wget can be problematic in the future as links can die or change, downloading very large files could be problematic for the minimalist autopkgtest VM, checking in a large file for test isn't great either, neither is making a repo to hold test data.
In short, I just noted my progress on the mailing list and stopped. I believe Tony said the test set he was using was the smallest possible, so it may not be feasible to have an autopkgtest for PIQUE.


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