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Re: Nanolyse autopkgtest broken - could someone provide a proper fastq file?

Hi Andrius,

Am Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 12:35:55PM +0200 schrieb Andrius Merkys:
> My educated guess is that nanolyse is correct by saying that "Sequence
> and quality captions differ." The test input file should in principle
> work after having text in parenthesis removed, as subsequent lines
> starting with '@' and '+' in FASTQ format have to be otherwise identical
> (now they are not because of the parentheses and the text in them).
> Hope this helps,

Yes, it helped to solve the load issue and I've uploaded a fixed
package.  My doubt that this dataset is *sensibly* testing Nanolyse
remains - but at least its better than a superficial test.

Kind regards



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