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Re: Datasets to design autopkgtests for our packages

Hi Andrius,

Le 18/02/2022 à 17:21, Andrius Merkys a écrit :
Hi Pierre,

On 2022-02-18 17:52, Pierre Gruet wrote:
To give a bit of context: I am currently writing autopkgtests for
htsjdk, which is one Java library we maintain in the team. Those
autopkgtests should test reverse-dependencies to ease upgrades of htsjdk.

When designing such tests, I would need data to run, let's say, artemis
or igv which process FASTA, or whatever, files.
Do you have some idea of a place to get data files that can be safely
included in our packages for such uses? Maybe some website with open data?

It depends whether you need simple protein FASTA sequences or
alignments. You may find simple sequences in PDB, for example [1], go to
"Download Files" and FASTA format is just there. AFAIR, PDB data is
freely distributable.

Thanks! I will have a look. In any case, this is exactly the kind of information I was asking for :)

[1] https://www.rcsb.org/structure/6fti


Best regards,


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