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Re: Bug#997120:

Dear Andreas,

Thank you again for your quick answer and further tests.

> It should also work perfectly well to make the last upstream version (5.0.2)
> build properly. Andreas started to check on last month but with your patch,
> it should work.
> I can confirm anyway that camitk version 5.0.2 builds well with ITK5 with
> the help of your patch.

I've pushed an adapted patch to Git but I can't confirm that it builds.
May be you can have another look and compare the status in Git with your
local build?  There are about 100 failed tests in the build time test
suite.  Unfortunately salsa-ci chokes in source extration (no idea why
so I can only provide my local build log if you can't verify this.

The patch works indeed for the application build, not the package build (sorry for the confusion).
I am stuggling to setup a proper build environment on my computer, and will try to solve this quickly in order to provide more precise feedback and possible fix.

Kind regards,

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