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Re: New version of snpeff in Git (Was: snpeff_4.3t+dfsg1-1_amd64.changes REJECTED)

Am Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 02:42:40PM +0100 schrieb Pierre Gruet:
> Yes, just before looking at king/libpdfbox-graphics2d-java I was updating
> snpeff and seeing if I could turn some unit tests into autopkgtests -- and I
> trust I can, this is my current task.

> So if you think putting snpeff can be delayed 2 or 3 days, let's just wait I
> write the tests. Else, please consider uploading, this is fine :)

Well, the arrival of snpeff took years - so a couple of days for an updated
version does not matter at all.  I just stumbled upon the uscan issue and
was wondering what might be going on.

Thanks for all your work


PS: If you are seeking for new challenges my colleagues would be happy about
    I just realised that there is an issue even with Build-Depends and I
    remember it was quite some mess with lots of binary *.class files included.
    Definitely nothing you can work out in one evening. ;-) 


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