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Re: What date format for d/u/metadata ? Re: "Entry: NA" in debian/upstream/metadata

Hi Tony,

On 2021-03-08 18:51, tony mancill wrote:
> Just commenting on the date format part of the thread.  Perhaps I am not
> representative because I work in the computer field, but I don't find
> the RFC 3339 confusing, nor do I think most other Americans would.  I
> can't recall seeing YYYY-DD-MM used very often, if ever - it seems
> ambiguous - and RFC 3339 is prevalent in the workplace.  I believe
> Americans are accustomed to either:
> MM/DD/YYYY, often with a 2-digit year - i.e. MM/DD/YY
> or

Thank you for your comment. I guess then we can stick to RFC 3339, if no
one opposes that.


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