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Re: "Entry: NA" in debian/upstream/metadata

On Wednesday, March 03, 2021 11:39:41 AM Matus Kalas wrote:

> P.S.: Could you please leave all the contents in when replying to the
> thread, so that others can reply to previously mentioned points without
> having to read every single email in the thread and possibly breaking
> linearity of it? I agree that's it not ecological to broadcast the same
> text all around the globe again and again, but there are other solutions
> than emails that handle that without compromising. Many thanks!

From the peanut gallery, and as someone not participating in this thread, I 
have a problem with this.

First of all (but maybe least of all) it is in conflict with the generally 
accepted "rules" for replying to emails.

More relevant is that it causes me to read a lot of extraneous stuff that is 
somehow already resolved, no longer an issue.  I want to easily and quickly 
find the stuff that is still under discussion.

I guess I don't care about this thread, but I hope it doesn't become the 
standard practice, although it sometimes seems that way (especially on debian-
user, which, I know, is not this list).

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