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"Entry: NA" in debian/upstream/metadata


As announced earlier [1], I am working on the validation of
debian/upstream/metadata files (a.k.a. DEP 12) we ship with Debian
packages. Recently I have noticed that many packages (~400 of ~1300
debian-med packages as of 2021-02-11) have registry entries with "NA"
for names, for example [2]:

 - Name: OMICtools
   Entry: OMICS_04455
 - Name: bio.tools
   Entry: NA
 - Name: SciCrunch
   Entry: NA
 - Name: conda:lb_arrakistx
   Entry: varna

I assume these NAs mean "not available". Maybe it would be better to
exclude such entries, or replace "NA" with empty strings? Because now
"NA" is a special (and undocumented) value, which may clash with legit
identifiers in the registries.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-med/2021/02/msg00058.html

Best wishes,

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