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Re: hyphy - amd64 Test failures

Hi Nilesh and Michael,

On Sat, 30 Jan 2021, 23.24 Nilesh Patra <npatra974@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Michael,

Thanks for your work on hyphy.
It seems that with your last upload, CI tests are failing on amd64, but working everywhere else, as can be seen on tracker here[1]

The log for amd64 on debci[2] seems to have compliance with salsa CI[3]
I see the binaries generated as desired on corresponding buildd log,

The build logs lead me to believe something is missing though.

The target override_dh_install-arch attempts to install simd-dispatch into binpkg hyphy-common. Now consider that the buildd network builds the arch-independent binary packages separately. During arch-indep build, the "-arch" suffixed target is ignored, so simd-dispatch perhaps surprisingly does not end up in hyphy-common.


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