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Re: Please upgrade ncbi-blast+ and ncbi-entrez-direct to latest versions

Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> writes:

> our outdated table[1] that there are updates for ncbi-blast+ and
> ncbi-entrez-direct avialable.  Will you be able to update these right in
> time for the freeze?

Hi, Andreas.

I'm already working on ncbi-entrez-direct, and should be able to take
care of ncbi-blast+ as well.

Thanks for checking, and for pointing out the new ncbi-blast+ release,
which I had previously missed.

Aaron M. Ucko, KB1CJC (amu at alum.mit.edu, ucko at debian.org)
http://www.mit.edu/~amu/ | http://stuff.mit.edu/cgi/finger/?amu@monk.mit.edu

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