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Re: libcifpp, libpdb-redo, density-fitness

Thanks very much Andrius.

I noticed that libpdb-redo still fails to build on i386 and ppc64el.

The reason for i386 is that the tolerance for floating comparison in the test code is too strict (i386 being 32bit has a different double outcome for some calculations). That is something I need to fix in the testing code.

And ppc64el is still failing in libclipper/libccp4 reading MTZ files. The error indicates that the endianness is interpreted incorrectly. I would love to fix this (in clipper/ccp4), but I don't have access to a native ppc64el architecture. Should it be possible to test (debug) code for this architecture on a amd64 machine using some kind of virtualization? I did some attempts that failed but I'm asking myself if it is worth trying, if it should be possible at all?

regards, -maarten

Op 04-01-2021 om 11:06 schreef Andrius Merkys:
On 2021-01-04 09:57, Maarten L. Hekkelman wrote:
Just started the new year by applying a couple of contributed patches.
Could someone please upload the changes I committed to the packages
libcifpp, libpdb-redo and density-fitness?


Maarten L. Hekkelman

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