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Aw:  Aw: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

> The company being acquired is correct. The license stuff is a different story. The license check might entirely happen in their
> commercial software. In other words talking to the device might be possible without any license check. If one knows how to talk to the device.
> This theory would have to be checked with a 3rd party software that officially supports the device - if such a thing exists.

I thought so, too, but mayuresh quite convincingly argues that
it likely happens inside the TWAIN driver code somewhere because:

a) yes, there is 3rd party software supporting the sensor

b) but, only via the sensor's TWAIN driver

c) and, there is documentation on the web that the TWAIN driver
   must be "set up" by CareStream representatives

However, I would test the latter assumption/attestation by
downloading the driver, install it, and see what happens :-)

Mayuresh (Ganesha? ;-) did, however, point out a good way forward:

Test his code with another RGV5200 sensor. I would try to find
dental office IT user groups and ask if anyone owns that sensor
and would be willing to test ...


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