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Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 02:15:33PM +0530, Sonali Warunjikar wrote:
> Now the USB layer is as such over. The challenge now shifts to the format
> of the data gathered.

Almost there...

The image resolution on Windows is known and the byte array gathered is
double of widthxheight indicating it's a 16 bit grayscale image and the
following way to build image using Pillow almost works - as in the shape
of the x rayed finger is fine.


Only problem left if I save it back as a raw bitmap (just to see how much
size a lossless format gives) it is of half the number of bytes gathered
from which it seems it's not using full 16 bit range. The X ray quality in
turn is affected.

How to make Pillow consume all 16 bits per pixel is unclear. Whether L;16B
is right or not I am unsure.

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