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Re: Salsa CI for all med-team packages?


On Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 12:04:13PM +0530, Nilesh Patra wrote:
> >
> > Maybe routine-update could add d/salsa-ci.yml only to those source
> > packages that are able to use the salsa CI?
> Almost all packages are capable of using one I think?
> Atleast source package builds at the very least?

I think the main issue is that Salsa admins are afraid about those CI
tests of all packages due to performance constraints.  We could enable
CI tests in inject-into-salsa-git or run a script on all our
repositories to switch this on - but we might break salsa when doing so.
> Just for clarification: See hyphy and flexbar packages for example which
> use salsa-ci.yml to trigger build + autopkgtest + reprotest and a bunch of
> other stuff.
> Please let me know if I completely misunderstood you here.

You are perfectly right.  Currently routine-update is just doing the
preparation to switch on CI easily *if* we get the signal from salsa
admins that this can be done.  (At least this was my idea when adding
> AFAIK, it could look for
> > .gitlab-ci.yml in the project root.
> >
> Yes, and to trigger build via salsa-ci.yml, someone needs to _manually_
> change the configuration file from .gitlab-ci.yml to d/salsa-ci.yml via the
> web interface. (With: Settings > CI/CD)
> That is the bottleneck here, and hence the question if there's a way to
> change the default config file to d/salsa-ci.yml across team packages?

This is most probably scriptable - but salsa admins explicitly said
(I think in DebConf20 talk or whereever else) that they are afraid
about this.

Kind regards



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