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RE:Bug#936609: cblas / gsl hint needed (Was: Bug#936609: Ported ghmm to Python3 but issues with clapack)

Hello Andreas,

I just built ghmm by removing --with-gsl.

It seems that the gsl implementation of blas conflict with the one provided  in atlas.
so --enable-gsl + --enable-atlas seems wrong...

| Summary                                                                      |

Build Architecture: amd64
Build Type: binary
Build-Space: 39004
Build-Time: 31
Distribution: UNRELEASED
Host Architecture: amd64
Install-Time: 14
Job: /tmp/ghmm_0.9~rc3-3.dsc
Machine Architecture: amd64
Package: ghmm
Package-Time: 49
Source-Version: 0.9~rc3-3
Space: 39004
Status: successful
Version: 0.9~rc3-3

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