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Mutual Website Boost?


I'm Rodney, an SEO Manager at https://namecheap.com/ — one of the 
world's largest domain registrars. We’re also a global provider of web tech 
services, from hosting and Managed Wordpress, to VPN, CDN and useful apps like 
a free Logo Maker. Our primary audience are serious entrepreneurs and 
growing SMEs.

We’ve come across your posts on http://gidijexes.mihanblog.com/post/240, 
and think they would be a great match for a linking partnership that will 
be of mutual benefit. As you know, backlinks are a powerful and 
legitimate way to boost SEO rankings.

I’d like to propose the following:

Namecheap’s Content Team is constantly writing fresh, quality 
information for our large audience base, around a broad range of online business 
growth topics. Added to our popular https://www.namecheap.com/blog/, we 
write regular standalone articles housed in product URL silos. One of our 
Senior Copywriters will add a natural link to your site in a relevant 
article, designed for high-value shareability. 

Since our audience interest overlaps, there are several ways you can 
link to us that would be compatible with your existing content agenda. 
Such as in one of your blog guides, or a review themed article to 
establish yourself as an industry thought leader. The backlink URL we’d like to 
spotlight is: https://www.namecheap.com/vpn/

*If you’d like any guidance from one of our Senior Copywriters on how 
this can be optimally inserted into your content, we’ll be happy to 

Unlike most backlink requests, our proposal doesn’t rely on extra 
time and writing resources to create dedicated content. Our SEO 
partnership would be purely based around adding natural links within marketing 
content that either exists (with good traffic) or is already planned by our 
Content Teams.

Established in 2001, Namecheap is globally well regarded, so we offer 
you a high-value link. As an example, our current Moz domain authority is 
93, with over 80 million linking domains.

As you’re aware, ranking competitiveness only gets more challenging 
in an ever-growing digital marketplace. We can also offer an ongoing 
partnership if that interests you — any time you link to us in a quality way, we 
will do the same.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this mutually beneficial 

Best Regards,

Rodney Brazil
SEO Manager

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