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Re: Bug#954270: [RFS] kmc: arm64 autopkgtest time out

Hi Andreas,

On 10-12-2020 11:00, Andreas Tille wrote:
> just a general question:  The general overview page like
>    https://ci.debian.net/packages/k/kmc/
> does not seem to be updated while the specific architecture
> pages like

You can see at the bottom of the page when it was last updated. However,
that's not the problem here. That overview page only shows "pure" runs,
i.e. only the results of tests in the different suites without packages
from another suite. We recognize that that's sometimes confusing, but
the alternative (which we had originally) was more confusing, as it
regularly flip back and forth depending on which package(s) from another
suite are added into the mix. We'll probably need to add two tables in
the future, but it's low on our list as I'm not sure how useful it is
considering the flipping behavior, but then at least it's clear to the
user what the table is meant to convey. Ideas welcome.

>    https://ci.debian.net/packages/k/kmc/testing/armhf/
> shows the issue.

That's because there it distinguishes by color which runs were "pure"
and which runs had packages from another suite.

> I remember I was asking in connection with augur
> (where the overview page is featuring  8.0.0-2 pass  for amd64/unstable
> which is very outdated).  Is there any chance to fix this soon?

ENOTUITS as there is nothing to fix, only to improve the UI (which is
always difficult). Patches (to debci in this case) are always welcome.


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