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Re: [RFS] kmc: arm64 autopkgtest time out

Control: severity -1 serious

Hi Étielle,

On 06-12-2020 19:31, Étienne Mollier wrote:
> I tried to trigger the kmc bug #954270 from an autopkgtest run
> within a qemu-user arm64 machine (host amd64).  Unfortunately, I
> failed to reproduce any freeze; the run executes in a matter of
> a minute or two.  I don't see any changes that would visibly
> affect the test succeptibility to freeze since the release of
> the affected version of the package.

It recently started to time out on amd64 too, but not always [1]. And
when we added armhf, that timed out too. The failures on amd64 that I
checked were all on ci-worker13, which is one of our hosts that runs
multiple debci-workers. That's common on our arm64 workers too.

> Is it possible that such freeze could be hardware dependent
> somehow?  (I'm thinking CPU extensions, or maybe parallelization
> levels.)

Of course, everything is possible.


[1] https://ci.debian.net/packages/k/kmc/testing/amd64/

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