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Re: Bugs "fails to migrate to testing for too long" (Was: cluster3 dropped out of testing)

On Wed, Dec 09, 2020 at 09:44:25AM -0800, Diane Trout wrote:
> Could we add a note to tracker or excuses for non-free packages on what
> the developer needs to do to get it to migrate?

IMHO, that's inappropriate.  That would mean artificially adding into
britney something that is really a nuance of how the archive and buildd
system is currently set up.  Alright that's definitely doable, but I
consider this something that the maintainer of a non-free package ought
to know (it's clearly written in the devref, for starters).  There are
quite a few more details of how non-free is different from any other
suite, starting from how little testing of it there is.
Though I guess in the past years the britney report on tracker changed
enough to be more and more friendly to developers, so I guess the
release team (which is the team that would be in charge on the content
of the "testing migrations" box) would do it if talked to appropriately…

Even then, the message says that "cluster3 has no binaries on any arch"
- from there why can't one try to figure why there are no binaries?  I'm
positive that dumping the tracker link and that message in
debian-mentors@ would yield the reason why it's stuck quite quickly.
(note that the thread Andreas started on -devel@ is about the how people
seems to notice first the "failed to migrate to testing" bugs, not about
why cluster3 is not migrating).

> My understanding of your explanation is that we need to do a binary
> upload for non-free because it's not auto-built.

Rather, I encourage you to read the devref part on how to enable
auto-building.  The package seems to have XS-Autobuild: yes in d/control
even in oldoldstable, so I guess it means nobody sent the request to the
buildd admins.

> It's a difference from how main is handled and and it seems like
> putting documentation for the difference would help prevent confusion
> in the future.

I insist that such doc belongs to devref.  If that is lacking, devref
should be improved.  The current devref maintainer is very open to
patches :)

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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