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[RFS] opensurgsim

opensurgsim currently FTBFS as reported in the RC bug: 960496
I have fixed this, and this now builds in a clean chroot. It however reports a lintian warning, which it reported possibly right from it's first upload:

W: libopensurgsim: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libIdentityPoseDevice0.7.0 libKeyboardDevice0.7.0 libMouseDevice0.7.0 libMultiAxisDevice0.7.0 libReplayPoseDevice0.7.0 libSurgSimBlocks0.7.0 libSurgSimCollision0.7.0 libSurgSimDataStructures0.7.0 libSurgSimDeviceFilters0.7.0 libSurgSimDevices0.7.0 libSurgSimFramework0.7.0 libSurgSimGraphics0.7.0 libSurgSimInput0.7.0 libSurgSimMath0.7.0 libSurgSimParticles0.7.0 libSurgSimPhysics0.7.0

Not very sure as to how to go about this, since there are multiple .so files. Just maybe, this can be ignored.
My changes have been pushed to the team repo here[1].
Needs review and sponsorship.

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/opensurgsim

Thanks and regards

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