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Re: RFS: gasic

Hi Pranav,

On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 10:21:16PM +0530, Pranav Ballaney wrote:
> Indeed, I did forget to push. I had been working on these tests for hours
> and when they finally worked I got too excited to send the email. 😂

I can confirm that you are by far not the first team member who forgot
to push. ;-)
> Regarding bowtie: I use sbuild as of now, but I'll try making a chroot with
> pbuilder and running the tests.
> With the recently pushed changes, bowtie will no longer be required to test
> gasic, so these tests should pass for you as well, now.

I admit I do not consider it a drawback if we are testing other packages
that way.  So *if* bowtie might have an issue it would be good to spot
it that way.  But I think bwa is the more frequently used tool anyway so
its sensible to use this one.

Kind regards



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