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Re: Idea wanted: What is the most key open source projects to fight COVID-19?

Andreas and Steffen.

Many thanks for updating the spread sheet adding the Debian and
Bio.tools status!

I added the following 2 columns. It's great if we can fill it if we have a time.

* Deb in Debian? arm64
* Deb in Debian? ppc64le

Because I would like to know the status supporting arm64 (aarch64) and
ppc64le for the packages in Debian.
The nf-core pipelines for COVID-19 analysis can be used in HPC (super
computing) mainly in my understanding.
And seeing the actual market share of HPC [1], there are not only
Intel based HPC but also Power9 (ppc64le) and arm64 based HPC.

But currently some of the bio tools only support or enable amd64
(x86_64 intel) CPU.
So, enabling the pipelines on ppc64le and arm64, connects to maximize
the HPC resources for COVID-19 analysis.

I talked the motivation to people in nf-core project, and they are
interested in it.
Currently nf-core pipeline projects only support and have the amd64
based docker containers.

I want to improve the situation contributing to nf-core project eventually.

> > cat
>    -> https://github.com/dutilh/CAT
>    BTW, its not a good idea to name a tool like a pretty generid UNIX command

By the way, Steffen,
Just keep in mind. "cat" is not the regular UNIX command's "cat", but
"CAT", as Andreas mentioned it.

[1] https://www.top500.org/lists/2019/06/


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