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Re: my plans about deep learning framework

Hi Mo,

Mo Zhou, on 2020-05-07 14:15:15 +0000:
> [[[ ROCm flavor of DL frameworks ]]]
> I still don't know how on earth can the ROCm software stack work with
> the opensource `amdkfd` kernel driver (debian has already enabled that
> driver for our kernel packages) instead of the proprietary version of
> `amdkfd`.
>  -- I'm willing to maintain the ROCm software stack as long as it is
>     able to work on a Debian system without non-free components.
>     There is a "ROCm Team" on salsa.
>  -- the answer to the above question is the only blocker for me to 
>     make further progress about ROCm.

I believe that I may be able to give a hand with this stack,
although I'm still kind of green regarding Debian packaging.
I don't expect it to be an easy task, but will see if I can
help here.  I just opened a request on Salsa to access the
"AMD Yes! ROCm Team" group.

Kind Regards,
Étienne Mollier <etienne.mollier@mailoo.org>
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