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Re: undefined vdb_mbed functions in ncbi-vdb2 library - ran out of ideas

Hi Aaron,

On Thu, May 07, 2020 at 10:32:09AM -0400, Aaron M. Ucko wrote:
> Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> writes:
> > Hmmmm, I'm not sure whether vdb came with the original.  I remember I
> > had to patch some stuff (specifically droping the 'vbd_' prefix).  But
> > I do not remember and I have no spare cycles currently to dive into
> > this.
> The git HEAD of ncbi-vdb looks mostly good to go at this point, and
> AFAICT simply needs to account for the fact that sra-sdk needs both
> interfaces/vfs/services-priv.h and libs/vfs/services-priv.h, neither of
> which can substitute for the other.  I'd suggest installing the latter
> as services-priv-internal.h and patching sra-sdk's
> tools/util/validate-names4.c accordingly.
> Meanwhile, it looks like sra-sdk's latest "2.10.4+dfsg" upstream tree
> wound up as an accidental copy of ncbi-vdb.

Just want to repeat that I currently have no spare cycles for this.  Do
you want to express we should package ncbi-vdb Git HEAD rather than a
release tarball?  I also need to say that I'm afraid I do not understand
your second paragraph.  I'd be super happy if you would find some time
to turn your hints into code in salsa. ;-)

Kind regards



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