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Re: [MoM] mmseqs2 excuses

Hi Shayan,

On Thu, 17 Oct 2019, 23:09 Shayan Doust, <hello@shayandoust.me> wrote:
> This is a well known issue, I will fix this tommorrow

Done now.

It seems like mmseqs2 strictly relies on various SSE extensions that are
not found on other architectures apart from that of amd64. I will see
what I can do and if no specific SSE-reliant code is used, maybe I can
rely on conditions in cmake to build without these extra expected

This would be great.

Generally, is it important for all builds across all architectures to pass?

Yes, at least for the ones with white background in the buildd table. Otherwise these archs should be excluded.

By the way, build on kfreebsd fails due to hardcoded triplet path, could you investigate this as well?


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