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Packages in VCS - how to indicate status on task page?


There are a few packages I once uploaded to our VCS that I know will not make it into a shape for them to be ready to be uploaded to our distribution. There are different reasons to that. Sometimes my focus has shifted away from it as a user. And at other times I found that it is too much work to e.g. get all Java dependencies into our distribution first. And there are packages for which I have just forgotten why the process has stalled. :o) And there are a few packages for which I could be motivated to complete the packaging, but would like to know if there is ongoing progress with the package by the uploader, not necessarily wanting to ask by email at an early stage screening our packages list.

Should indicate how much the packaging has proceeded such that we could show that in our task list? I have recently started to mention any issues in the debian/changelog file. Would it be preferable to have anything directly stated in the package description? Or should find a debian/TODO file be shown in our task pages/linked from there?



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