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Bio-Linux 9 alpha on CyVerse


I've created a public Bio-Linux 9-alpha image on CyVerse Atmosphere:

> https://atmo.cyverse.org/application/images/1617

We were unable to image an instance based on Ubuntu-MATE 18.04 (Bionic)
for some reason so, until we find out why, I've made a version based on
Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 (Xenial) available instead. As before, this version
comes pre-installed with "x2goserver", so you can connect to it with an
"x2goclient" running on Windows, MacOS or Linux. Please note: The latest
"x2goserver" requires an up-to-date "x2goclient" with matching ciphers.

This version of Bio-Linux does NOT have a Bio-Linux theme but includes a
full installation of "med-bio" and "med-bio-dev". The Bio-Linux USB will
not have a complete installation of "med-bio" and "med-bio-dev", but a
sub-set of the packages selected to match what was in Bio-Linux 8 as in
my not-yet-completed Debian-Med "bio-linux-desktop" meta-package.

Please post a message here if you try out the image on Atmosphere.



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