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Automatically imported latest fw4spl version - please adapt patches and review packaging

Hi Andreas,

I updated the patches and removed one. This build then fine for me, I
tested the package install and I could run VRRender.

So this looks ok for me. Thanks again for doing the initial bump.

Btw we'll have to discuss a bit about this package because we made big
changes in the next upcoming version. First we are going the library to
something more meaningful. I have not searched yet but I'm pretty sure
there should be some nice documentation about renaming a package in
Debian. Then, at last, we introduced a real SDK build. So that means we
can install deploy headers. This way we could really break up into
different packages, the lib, the lib-dev and some apps like VRRender. So
will probably need some effort on my side but that should be worth it.


*Flavien BRIDAULT*
Software Development Director


*IRCAD France*
1, place de l'Hôpital - 67091 Strasbourg Cedex - FRANCE

http://www.ircad.fr/ <http://www.ircad.fr/>

Le 29/10/2018 à 08:29, Flavien Bridault a écrit :
> Hi Andreas,
> Thanks for the update, I'll fix the patches asap.
> Cheers,
> Le 28/10/2018 à 11:55, Andreas Tille a écrit :
>> Hi Flavien,
>> in my attempt to upgrade Vcs fields of Debian Med packages I was running
>> my automatic upgrade script on the fw4spl git repository[1].  I did not
>> continued the packaging since the patches do not apply to the new version.
>> Could you please have a look and upgrade the packaging?
>> Kind regards
>>       Andreas.
>> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/fw4spl

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